We’ve Got Crackers in the House!!!

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photoWe’ve Got Crackers in the House!!!

As some of you may recall, last December, my family and I were in England over our son’s winter break from school. While I participated in Limmud U.K. (the British Jewish response to Christmas), my wife and son joined with various members of our British family in London for several holiday meals. This was my family’s first exposure to the holiday miracle that is the “cracker!” (Not wanting to be repetitive, scroll over to my previous blog post entitled “Post-Christmas Post” for a full description of the cracker and how it is used!) One family of  British cousins opened crackers at the end of Shabbat dinner! Let’s just say, for our son, it was ‘love at first sight!’ Well…I have great news! The cracker apparently has crossed the Atlantic and has entered into the Jewish vernacular!

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