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The articles about Thanksgivukkah continue to appear at a fast and furious pace! Not to be outdone by its on-line peers, Time Out New York has two pages in its Food and Drink Section in its November 7-13 issue on planning a Thanksgivukkah feast! Recommendations include Turducken from Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, Sweet Potato Latkes at Shelsky’s Smoked Fish, Braised Brisket and Sufganiyot at Mile End Delicatessen, beets from Gefilteria, and pie, pie and more pie! (Please note that kashrut does not come into play with most, if not all, of these items and sources.)

The Menurkey makes it into the New York Times! In the November 7th Home and Garden section under the rubric “Currents/Goods”, the Menurkey is proffered as a current trend. Despite its somewhat awkward design, the media has captured the charm underlying the Menurkey’s creation. I imagine many parents will be listening to their children’s ideas while forecasting forward about future sale-ability.

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