And So It Begins….!

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Tonight is Halloween! This not only marks the beginning of what NPR has termed the “annual holiday mash-up now on garish display” but also of our seasonal blog! Here in New York City, Halloween costumes are crammed in right next to decorative turkey napkins (does anyone really need those?) and simulated Christmas trees. It is still a bit early for real evergreen tree markets to pop up on every corner; however, with the temperatures on the slow decline, the crispness in the air denotes the beginning of a wide array of festivities!
The fact that tonight is also Shabbat complicates things a bit. In other words, what’s a Jew to do on Halloween?! For an interesting essay on that topic, take a look at: “Tricks, Treats, and Tradition: Being an American Jew on Halloween,” by Rabbi Rebecca Einstein Schorr and posted today at
And for anyone interested in humming a tune about this so—called holiday mash-up, check out Hap Palmer (
Who’s been creeping ’round the Christmas tree
Shaking branches and lights?
And who’s been peeking in the packages
You just wrapped last night?
Oooh- I know you won’t believe me
Oooh- My eyes have not deceived me
Oooh- It’s just a spooky kook with a silly streak

It’s the Halloween Hanukkah Christmas Ghost
Hanging ’round haunting us with his jokes
It’s the Halloween Hanukkah Christmas Ghost
He just had to stay, for the holidays

Does your new dreidel keep on spinning ’round
When it should be falling down ?
When you try to stop it does it float away
Carried on a long white gown ?
Oooh- I know it’s not October
Oooh- But there’s a ghost left over
Oooh- It’s just a spooky kook with a silly streak

Repeat Chorus

Who scared Santa and his eight reindeer
Making poor Blixen cry ?
And who’s that riding up on Rudolph’s back
Streaking across the sky?
Oooh- It’s just a playful spirit
Oooh- And Santa need not fear it
Oooh- It’s just a spooky kook with a silly streak

Repeat Chorus